#TrafficHacks: Here’s An Alternative Ride-Sharing App When You’re Running Late


I found myself stuck in the highway, one morning, trying to figure out how to make Quezon City to Pasay possible in an hour or two. Riding multiple jeeps or bus seems logical, but given the current situation of Manila Traffic, it was hopeless. I have to hustle with the crowd that continuously eating half the road. One jeep stopped in front of me and I thought, “Thank God! I can finally ride!”. That didn’t happened though. The crowd turned its head and swarmed the jeep until it’s full to brim. All I can think of, that time, was my free coffee turning cold and my friend falling asleep or worse, she probably left already.

Public Transportation Is Not Sufficient

So if the public transportation can’t supply the demand, there must be someone to fulfill the need. I checked my phone and realized that I downloaded Grab and Uber before. Goodness gracious, someone is coming to the rescue! A car then picked me up and drove me to my destination! I’m still late by 30 minutes, but at least, I arrived there conveniently. From then on, I swore to support these companies because they opened new avenue of improvement to our worsening daily commute.

This happened two years ago. The convenience it brought, however, is now being brought down the rabbit hole. Last night, I was slapped by the news that Uber was suspended and these past few weeks, Grab also limited their release of promo codes. I became so dependent to Grab and Uber that I can’t go back to the usual commute wholeheartedly. I had to find options.

Alternative Ride Sharing App When You’re Running Late!


My friend who works in Makati and lives at Mandaluyong told me that she uses the app, Angkas, to book her ride. It usually takes a shorter time because you’ll be riding a motorcycle! She never experienced the hassle of traffic! Although, this might sound a bit unsafe to some, but my experiences with them so far has been awesome. I was skeptic to try this service too before, but when I did, it wasn’t as awkward as I thought it’ll be. What I love about them is they’re giving out promo codes like candy. Hahaha. They usually send out the promo codes through text.

Convenience At Your Phone

To give you an idea on how the booking and riding process is like, here’s an example.


Just like any ride-sharing app, you’ll have to enter your pick-up location and your drop-off location. Once done, you can also enter promo code to lessen cost. The drivers are usually 6-10 minutes away. When the driver arrived at the pick-up location, he’ll inform you right away. He’ll also provide face masks, hair protector and most importantly, a helmet to keep you safe! Then tada, ride the motor and drive away! You can now beat the traffic without the hassle of getting late!

TIP: You can ask the driver to drive at a slower pace or when you’re running late, tell him about it and he’ll gladly assume you’re a fan of Fast and Furious! Haha

P.S. This is not sponsored in any way. I just want to share some tips because, you know, life is hard.

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