#TECH: Saving Battery Life and Charging Hacks and Tips!

I probably spent hundreds of thousand pesos just from buying smartphone chargers and cables – original and ‘class-a’ generic chargers. I’m not sure whose fault it is that my cables need to be changed at least twice a month. Is it really just my carelessness or is there a self-destruct button hidden somewhere inside the cable? No one knows.

Having all of these experiences with charging cables, I find it really hard to get a new one. I only have one goal and it should be better than the last cable I own.

when phone battery dips at 25% at the middle of the day.

I failed, time through time, of course, but I learned a lot of tricks to take care of my cables and how to preserve my smartphone’s battery life. Here are my top 5 smartphone charging hacks and saving battery power tips so you’ll never be caught dead with a dead phone.


  1. Turn off location services and data whenever possible

They say you can never be lost anywhere when you have a smartphone with GPS and LTE, but having a low battery level can be more critical when you’re on the go. If you can, turn off the location services and data after checking the map, booking car services, or whatever you’re doing.

Screenshot the map and turn off the data and gps!

Screenshot the portion of the map that will lead you to your destination and the details of your car services. Text the driver instead of chatting with them in the app. Also, lessen your usage of social media to a minimum because it eats up a lot of power and data.This way, your smartphone’s battery life will last throughout the day.

  1. Update the software

Smartphone manufacturers always have some tricks up their sleeves and some of them will help you manage your smartphone’s battery life better. Software updates usually includes advanced technologies that will help you save power and cut unnecessary background apps.


  1. Dim the screen and change your wallpaper

As much as we love having 3D display on our phones, it can be too draining for our phones. Having a live wallpapers will consume power as much as watching a movie on your phone. So, switch it up! Just use regular wallpaper of your favourite band or actor. Even a cute doggo.

Also dim your smartphone’s screen to a level where you can comfortably use them phone. Aside from 3D wallpapers, just the fact that your screen’s brightness is too high will probably drain your batter faster because it’s trying to keep up with all things that you do on a high-powered screen. So, lower the brightness to half or lower as long as you’re comfortable with it.


  1. Keep it cool and charged

Sometimes when we’re in too deep in what we do in our smartphones, we often forget to plug it so halfway of what we’re doing, our phones suddenly dies of exhaustion. It leaves our phone completely drained and most of times, overheated. This could permanently damage the battery making it less power-efficient than it is before.

let it rest when the phone feels hot

To avoid this, don’t let your smartphone’s battery level go any lower than 25% percent and always keep the temperature in check. If the phone is getting hot, let it rest for a while. Forcing it to run in such temperature may cause your phone to overheat and die.


  1. Switch to the holy grail of charging cables

When I saw a Facebook video showing this magnetic charging cable, I am completely sold to the concept. I have a great feeling that this will solve the greatest mystery of my life: my charging cables short span of life.

Magneto Magnetic Charging Cable is described as “10 times more durable than original cables”, it also has “strengthened cable”, “ultra fast charging” and uses a strong materials to meet the demands of our busy lifestyle.

basically my life: yanked cables and broken lcds

With its durable yet intricate design, I won’t no longer worry when I accidentally yank my cable. Partly, cable’s short span of life is my fault, but no, most of the time, it’s not. They’re really just not for the tough users)  I also don’t have to struggle plugging the cable in the dark when I’m about to sleep.

Magneto Magnetic Charging Cable

Thankful for that someone who created such technology. No one could have invented a better charging cable than this. It’s perfect and I must have it!

See more of Magneto Magnetic Charging Cable: Magneto Charging Cable | widgetcity.com



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