#This Is Living: Saturday Chill with Corona Extra at The Terrace, RWM!

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Saturday Chill With Corona Extra at The Terrace, Maxims Hotel, Resorts World Manila

Instead of spending my Saturday at home scrolling through my news feed and imagining how people are enjoying theirs, I said yes to an invitation for a Saturday Chill with Corona Extra in Resorts World Manila.

Honestly, I’m not the type of person who attends in events involving alcoholic drinks, but I want to meet people and also, I did my research. [Hahaha] Corona Extra only has 4.5% alcohol content. It’s not enough to make people drunk.It’s simply made for people to enjoy the night and still hustle the day after.

When I arrived at the venue, the music was already on courtesy of their awesome DJs. The food and beers are also being served. I took some pictures first because the lighting was really nice because of the sunset. Also, my friend is not yet there at the time so it was kind of rude to simply eat without her.

After a couple of “hello” and “nice to meet you”, I sit down, enjoying the vibe, and to be productive, I went on editing my photos for social media. When the sky started getting dimmer and darker, that’s when people started to rush through. That also meant, my friends are finally here!

I finally had my first bottle of Corona Extra and a tray of nachos! The beer is perfect for starters. It’s not bitter at all when served cold and it doesn’t make you bloated as much as other beers. 

How To Avoid Bloating When Drinking Beer

If you pour the beer vigorously into a glass sideways, it will eliminate or lessen the carbon in the beer. It makes the beer less bubbly when mixed with food or something in our stomach. #NoMoreBeerBelly #BeerHacks #ThisIsLiving

As the night went on, we spent more time talking and meeting new people from the industry. We catch up on funny encounters on events, and a lot more! It’s a really fun night with the coolest people over yummy food and cold beer!

Check out this cool recap video courtesy of Corona Extra Beer – Philippines:

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  1. Ayn Dominique Arriola

    August 29, 2017 at 8:18 am

    We had fun with you!
    Thanks so much for the feature Ms Jemina! ‘Til our next chicka on our next event! 😉😊

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