#KetoLivingPH: A Beginner’s Guide for High Fat, Low Carb Diet

Starting a Ketogenic Lifestyle or (#KetoLiving) in the Philippines is basically a nightmare. The temptation is basically everywhere! Let’s say a basic meal in a food stall is Lechon Kawali and Rice. We can’t deny that it’s yummy, but it’s a bad combo. Well, let me tell you how this works! If you want to shed off excess fat or just simply live a healthy lifestyle without depriving yourself, this is for you.

What is Ketogenic Diet?

                Basically, it’s a high fat, low carb diet where your body produces ketones (in your liver) as a source of energy. Filipinos usually gets their energy source from carbs. We eat rice for breakfast, lunch, and dinner on a daily basis!

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When we consume that much carbs, our body will produce glucose and insulin which are easily converted to energy. Of course, our body will choose that over other energy sources leaving the fats unused and stored instead.

On a Keto Diet, we’re limiting our net carb intake under 20g or lower and that induces our body into a state called Ketosis. It’s when our body breaks down the fat in our liver into ketones and uses it as our main source of energy.

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We don’t do this by starving ourselves of yummy foods, okay! We can eat bacons and lasagna and crispy pata and eggs and even, cakes! We just need to learn how to read nutritional facts and replacing certain ingredients with healthier alternatives.

#KetoLiving in the Philippines

Yup, it’s going to be hard. A lot of people will ask what’s wrong with you. Many people will ask why you’re on this diet or lifestyle. Remember that you’re doing this for you and your opinion is what really matters. No one else’s, okay?!

Fast food restaurants are everywhere and sometimes we can’t really escape them. When you’re hungry, that’s the first thing that comes to mind. Fried chicken and a cup of rice doused with hot gravy.

To avoid temptation from these foods, cook your own meals! That way, you can monitor what goes into your body.

However, there are when the temptation is real. All we want to do is… this:


But it’s worth it, though! So, hang on and live the Ketogenic lifestyle!


P.S. Please consult your doctor before trying this kind of lifestyle. I’m not an expert and just leaning on my own experiences with this lifestyle change.

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