“Ayoko ko na magtrabaho” as told by millennials

MILLENNIALS IN THE WORKPLACE – A year ago, a batch of millennial kids graduated from their respective colleges and universities. As matter of fact, I’m one of them. Most of us really just wanted to escape the beating of stacked researches, assignments, and all the impossible projects to finally join the workforce. On the brighter side, it was really just us thinking that it was all for nothing.
Sometimes we forget that our professors were once students too! They surely understand how tough being a student is, but they did all of that with good intentions. They want us to learn everything that they can pass on so that when the time comes, you’re prepared to face bigger challenges and still be able to say, “Kaya ko to!”

Voila! That time came too early and we, fresh graduates, ended up in a silver platter ready for the companies to feast on looking for potential employees. We then got hired, happily skipped to work, and realize that this is much harder than we thought.

This is much more than what “kaya ko to” can do.

There are inner struggles that loves to surface when we don’t want them to. I don’t want to work anymore. I can’t do this. This it it, I give up. Is there any way around to avoid working? We can’t help it.

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In my curious state of knowing things, I eventually asked my friends why millennials, somehow, don’t want to work? They obliged to answer them and the responses were somehow different from each other.


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They want freedom

Some said that they wanted to travel because ‘where’s the freedom in working’? We’re dead set on the idea of the lifestyle that only a few can manage to pull off because they’re either rich or they get paid to travel as bloggers or they’re just really determined to take all the risks. Considering that before we step on the ‘adulting life’, there was college a.k.a. ‘the best time of being young’ then all of a sudden, you need to grind the heck out to survive.

In our generation where everything is spoon fed and handed over to us easily, of course, who wouldn’t want a job ‘where we can be heard, for it to be convenient, must be on our own terms, and most of all, rewarded by a high wage?’ Everyone wants that, but for us, to be able to achieve that, we have to have a generous boss who doesn’t care if you’re not in the office as long as you comply with your deadlines. Although there are some of them in the business world, that’s not the case for everyone. So, we’re left with the option to be our OWN boss.


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They know their worth and knows they deserve more

A friend suggests that millennials in the workplace are not inclined to the idea of earning so little while giving too much output. Millennials know their value and boundaries. Or as he said it, “It’s not that us, millennials, don’t want to work. We are just too well-informed about what the good paying jobs are, that’s why we end up staying unemployed. We become too choosy about jobs that we forget how [beneficial] it is to start from scratch.”
I confess, I’m one of the choosy job hunter before, but that doesn’t mean I don’t compromise when the offer is good. Due to the work experiences I have even before graduating, I know that I’m quite ahead from my batch, but it’s just so hard to get a job. Everyone was working already and I’m just there asking myself where did I go wrong? Is knowing your worth really a bad thing? Of course, until 5 months later, I got hired and I’m pretty satisfied with it. It’s all worth it. (Not that I’ve been a bum all those times, I’ve been working as freelance and contributor to WhenInManila.com)


There are options like freelancing, business, etc.

It’s a matter of being your own boss to become truly free. Free to work remotely, to travel without filing a leave, to meet cool people along the way, and most importantly, to be with your family more often.

Let’s face the truth, we can never really have all of the privileges that we wanted unless we take matters into our own hands. Startups and freelancers usually takes a lot of effort on marketing themselves as well as hustling to meet the deadlines.

Imagine this, your current job exhausts you, but your paycheck never changes no matter what effort you do while startups and freelancers balance the same workload, but gets more than what you’ll ever get.

Because of the basic wages that most fresh graduates get on their first jobs, some of them are resorting building their own brands or working as freelancers. It’s hard work, but it’s their own brand, their own progress, and they’re their OWN BOSS. They have their own terms, it’s convenient, and it’s rewarding.

There’s always a risk of failing, but what matters the most is that they tried and learned a lot.

What makes them stay?

When we know that they have a lot of options to skip the tiring work, it’s easy to take the leap, but at the same, it’s not. Especially if we have a family that depends on us. It’s really hard to decide for yourself.

‘Even if we don’t really want the job we have now, you’ll stay for our family, but the thought won’t leave that we want a better life’.

At the same time, some feel like they’re not ready yet to take that chance, that leap of faith. They’re staying in the job they don’t like because they’re acquiring experience and self-confidence to do it. The same requirements that hinders them to take that perfect job that will make them happy.

Some stays because they love the job, but it doesn’t mean that it’s a fulfilling one. They want to keep the job, but they feel like it’s not progressing into the career that they want or the company doesn’t share the same vision as they do. Nevertheless, they’re staying because they hope things may change for the better.

Millennials are good at what they do

Millennials in the workplace are promising to be a good asset of any company because of their fast pace lifestyle, good adaptability to change, and eagerness to learn. Bosses should at least acknowledge their talent, mentor them to be a better colleague and never take them for granted.

We’re misunderstood most of the time because our perspective in life is different from the other generations. We’re progressing into a diverse culture where lazy and entitled don’t really exist (well, there are some). We just really know what we wanted and work the way we know. We’re breaking through the systems and innovating new concepts of lifestyle and business.

We don’t like traditional, we like innovation.

Millennials like to experiment and try everything we think we can do. With that in mind, we take risks and take nothing for granted. We’ve got a lot of ideas up in our sleeves and we don’t have to take a single path when we can do so much more.

This doesn’t mean that we don’t have a plan or goals. In fact, we have so many goals that we’re juggling all these things to make it work. We don’t want to be like any other kids who goes to the same path taken by everyone.

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No one will understand that until you look past our happy, carefree Instagram and Facebook posts which, by the way, is the developing end-product of all our hard work. Until then, we’ll continue working on our goals and living the life the way we want it to be.

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