Does To-Do List Really Help With Productivity?

Running a busy life is not easy. Oftentimes, we forget important things or something urgent that your boss specifically mentioned and it gets us in trouble. It’s not that you try to annoy people or sabotage a very important event. For the most part, your brains play a big role in wanting to get you out of stressful situations. So, you forget.

One basic tip to avoid that from happening is listing down things you need to do. Basically, writing down a to-do list. While some people prefer winging it and just taking a mental note, writing notes can actually help.


Aside from remembering important information, does to-do list really helps with productivity?


The part where you list it down is the easiest, but actually doing what’s on the list is a different story. Yes, knowing that you have a lot to do forces us to actually face it, but at the same time, a long list triggers procrastination.


The bigger question here is how to actually make your to-do list work for you. Here are some guidelines on drafting an effective to-do list:


–    Know Your Priorities

Align your list with your deadlines. List the down the tasks you only have to do that day. When you’re done with everything you have to do then you can jump to a different task or probably, start doing your own passion project. Multitasking is not really effective in increasing your productivity. Do things one at a time.


–    Avoid Listing Unnecessary Items

Trim your to-do list to minimal. Avoid listing down trivial tasks such as eating breakfast, washing the dishes or doing laundry. Although these things are important, it only adds up to the clutter on your list. Don’t put it unless your mother specifically told you to do it ASAP or you can’t have some dinner.


–    Keep it Simple and Specific

Name your goal and break that into little tasks that you can easily achieve at the moment. Remember that little progress is a great step in achieving your goals. It may seem trivial, but taking these little steps are taking you somewhere compared to staying stagnant.


–    Update It Everyday

To keep your productivity at its best pace, update it every 24 hours to keep your focus sharp and clear. Make a new list every day and remove items you’ve already done.


Having a to-do list doesn’t really guarantee you of productivity because, at the end of the day, it’s still up to you whether you’ll do it or sleep it off. These guidelines I provided to make an effective to-do list can only do so much. You have to actually get things done! So, start making that list and try to accomplish as much as you can.


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