The Skin Bureau officially launched their awesome brand in the PH!

Last Saturday, The Skin Bureau and their brand ambassadors such as Anna Cay, Georgina Knight, Ashley Singh, Seika Hashizumi, Arjane Amante, and Sachzna Laparan celebrated its official launching party at Imerex Plaxa Hotel, Angeles, Pampanga.

Just to give you a background of how TSB brand came about. It’s owned by the Nurse Pharmaceuticals who has been the leading distributor of glutathione products in the Philippines.

The Skin Bureau aims to become the ride-or-die skincare line of all the empowered teenagers, young professionals, and adults. Though the packaging looks feminine, The Skin Bureau caters to everyone who wants to always be on top of their games.


After two years of hard work and making sure that the products are at its best quality. The Skin Bureau finally launched their first range. The collection has been developed to address the needs of different skin types ranging from dry and oily skin to sensitive skin.

The TSB range includes soap, day and night toners, day and night creams, moisturizers, and sunblock. I’ve been using it for a few days now, and so far so good.

The skin bureau nevertheclouds


Let’s see if their tagline really proves it promise of #NoPoliticsJustResults. I’ll post a review on their products after giving it a try after a month. The results were reported to take its effect after a week or two, but I’ll give it a month before I release my review.

You may pre-order their products on their Facebook page The Skin Bureau
All of the product prices and purchase details will be announced on July 1, 2017. Make sure to like their Facebook page to follow the latest updates and promos!

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