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Hey, this is me, Jem! I’m the owner of and I create content for the love of writing and photography. I’m also a contributor for and has worked with a lot of brands through writing and taking photos for them. I also love doing event productions! You can hire me for these services if you want to work or do collaborations with me!

Brendon agrees! Let’s work together!

Content Development and Photography Services

I would love to work with your brand to create content using your products and provide photography services appropriate for your needs! I do portraits, events, travel, or other subjects as agreed upon. Please contact me for my rates.

Check out my facebook page for updated works.

Reviews and Giveaways

I can write an in-depth, personal review of the products, services, and share giveaways with the brands that I truly like or think that’s a good fit. Also if it can provide good experience for my readers.

Sponsored Travel

As a lover of adventures, I’m more than excited to represent your brand and travel to different places! I can also go to events, conferences, do tours or visit the stores you’d like to feature, etc. I can share my experiences with my readers through blog posts, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram.

Feel free to email me at or fill up this form for more details!

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